What I like about Sai Interiors is their ability to get things done on a timely basis. They offers great ideas and was really helpful. I wouldn't hesitate recommending their services to anyone.


We have worked with Sai Interiors for many years.They were very instrumental in helping us put together & completing our Projects on time. Mr.Dadwal is very creative and was able to quickly take our ideas and put them into an organized and professionl way. Mr.Dadwal is a Task Master and would add value to any project he is given.


THANKS!!to SAI INTERIORS ,specially to the brains behind-Mr.Manmohan Dadwal and Mrs Sonia Dadwal.Amazing customer service,great professionalism,WOW!SOLUTIONS for the interiors & exteriors........Great loyality for PRICING!!! A great experience , we have saved appx.25% of the BUDGET !!!!,which we prepared after a long RxD ,exhaustive market visits. They prooved our DECISION RIGHT!,for choosing SAI INTERIORS.May you grow leaps and miles.